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Behavior Explanations
Herman Grewal
Psychology 100
September 18, 2014
Behavior Observation/Description (5 pts)
It was the summer before the second year of school at California State University, Long Beach. Me and my friends had to find a place to live. My name is Herman, and my friend I was looking for a place to live with, his name is Daniel. I am from Temecula, CA, and Daniel is from Pomona, CA. At this time it was just the two of us looking for places. We needed to find a 3rd person to move in with us so we could stay in our budget. It was hard for both of us to go look at the same time because I had summer school, and Daniel had work and summer school. We looked for places online called them up and asked to go visit them, but when we had decided on a place someone else had gotten it, which was very upsetting. We asked some fraternity’s brothers to live with us, but some said no and some didn’t reply. This just added more and more stress of finding a place. It wasn’t until like 2 months into summer we finally found Nic our fraternity brother to live with us. Some places that we liked also weren't taking in anymore applications, so that was also very upsetting. We were also put on wait lists for some houses and didn’t end up getting them. I was very mad and sad, but I decided I wouldn't get mad and kept on looking and had high spirits we would find a place. So we go to look a second time. We found a place we liked and as were signing the applications the place we found didn’t allow cosigners. So no we realized we had to find a place that allowed cosigners. This just added to the stress of finding a place to live and doing school work. My parents kept asking me if I had found a place, and that would annoy me because they act like it was so easy to find a place. Finally, I saw a place online that fit in everyone’s budget and I told the landlord we were interested. She gave us apps, we...
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