Be My Brother

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Be My Brother

Genevieve Clay

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March 4 2009

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This text is about a mentally challenged man named Richard who is wondering alone the shoreline by himself, narrating his own fictional story into a voice recorder until he walks to the bus stop and sees a woman. He then begins to narrate the woman’s actions and describes her appearance in a somewhat offensive manner into the voice recorder loudly, he then sits next to her and continues narrating her actions. She is clearly uncomfortable and attempting to avoid any form of contact with him, until he pesters her to talk to him. He then tests her by quoting famous lines from several famous texts and movies to see if she knows them and begins to really impress her despite her earlier discomfort with his mental state and her rejection of him, and accepts him. He makes jokes about how attractive he is, and really proceeds to impress her and asks her to speak into the voice recorder, at which time she states her name is Amanda and struggles to quote a famous line of literature. He gets up and continues talking to himself and walks over to a young man sitting uncomfortably on the bench next to him. He asks the young man if he wishes to speak anything into the recorder to which he replies “no thanks”. Richard gets up somewhat angrily and plays something off the recorder he had recorded earlier, stating of how upset he is due to his brother’s neglecting of him and how he constantly feels like an embarrassment. Amanda tells Richard he should tell his brother what he recorded, and he asks her to say something into the recorder again directed at his brother Damien. She states that her name is Amanda and Damien has an extremely entertaining brother. A bus arrives and the young man on the bench next to them gets on the bus, however doesn’t have an amount of money small...
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