Be Careful What You Wish for

Topics: Daniel Drew, Drew University, Book of Daniel Pages: 3 (1195 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Whua! Whua! Whua! The crying of a baby boy in the middle of the darkness of night, in a wobbly hut with a fond mother next to him holding on to the pain of labouring minutes ago. During the age of three months, in her mother’s womb, he lost his dad. Mr Drew, who served as a crew on the crab fishing boats ‘Cornelia Mariee’, died in a dreadful tragedy. During the previous fall, Mr Drew went to the high sea. Unfortunately, the sea was rough. Nature was raging. There was no match to the power of nature. The lives of ten crews were at stake and eventually, all died. The Cornelia Mariee became brother to The Titanic – both sunk to the bottom of Atlantic Ocean. The news was displayed throughout the nation. By chance, Mrs Drew at the moment was walking beside a television store in the heart of New York City. She saw the news and burst into tears. She was merely crying as there was nothing she could do. A lonely and dull future started to wave - indicating her to prepare herself raising her child that would be delivered in 6 months’ time.

That baby was named after his dad – Daniel Drew. Daniel grew same like other normal kid, it was just he had little less money, father’s affection and toys perhaps. Although Daniel lived in poverty, mother’s fondness was enough for him. But, everything changed when his beloved mother had a rare disease that even confused the doctors. Due to no money for surgery and lacking of experts, fate had spoken – Mrs Drew was confirmed dead on 24th April 1984. Daniel was there, beside his mother all the time till the last sip of breath. Mrs Drew left Daniel a few pennies, sweet memories and valuable advices. Being only seven, it was hard for Daniel to understand what was going on. The only thing he knew was he was alone. Where were his grandparents? Should not they the one who take the responsibility now? Mr Drew came from a noble and a wealthy family, but a few years ago, because of his true love, he was willing to lose all the money, the power...
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