Be Careful What You Sign

Topics: Law, Contract, Common law Pages: 3 (1807 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Be Careful What You Sign
Business Law and Ethics
Erialle Sutton
Argosy University
First Letisha must understand the nature of a contract. The nature of a contract is to enforce legal promises between two or parties, who share common interest. If one or more parties fail to be in compliance with the contract then they are in breach of the contract and further legal action must be taken. When signing an agreement or contract you must read all fine print. Letisha could argue that the Sudson laundry company didn’t make her aware to the term and condition of the contract prior to signing it. The Sudson Company was unprofessional by not letting the lessee know about the terms and condition that were front and back on the contract. It was their responsibility to present the contract to the lessee in a professional manner. As an HR Personnel Letisha should’ve known to read that entire agreement before she signed, even with her exuberated excitement to keep her tenants happy she should’ve been concerned with any legal obligation tied to the contract. Instead of The Sudson Company salesman making all legal and illegal possibilities know n in the contract, he just insisted that she sign know that there was a 15yr steep on the contract, In Letisha defense she could argue that salesman convince her to sign a contract that she didn’t know was inadequate. The salesman should have let her know that contract was extended on to the back of the page. In the defense of Sudson Company, the legal argument that could be raised against Letisha is that she was oblivious to the situation; she had ample time to read the contract over. As a profound business woman she should have known better than to sign a legal agreement without understanding all terms and conditions. Sudson is a business like any other and they engage in business deals that are appealing to the consumer as well as beneficial for them as a profitable business since they are out to gain profit from others and...

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