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Business Environment and Organization’s Mission Statement
Business environment, Assignment 1
By Dmytro Pyrkh

Table of contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Main body
3.1 Identify the mission, values and key objectives of an organization and assess the influence of stakeholders 3.2 Evaluate the extent to which an organisation achieves the objectives of three stakeholders 3.3 Explain the responsibilities of an organisation and strategies employees to meet them 3.4 Explain how economic system attempt to allocate and make effective use of resources 3.5 Discuss the impact of social welfare and industrial policy initiatives on organizations and the wider community 3.6 Evaluate the impact of macroeconomic policy measures and the influence of the global economy on the UK-based organizations and stakeholders 3.0 Conclusion

4.0 References

In this assignment I will identify and discuss the ‘mission and goal’ of organization. I will show the key objectives of organization and the responsibilities of organizations. I will also show the example of organization’s responsibility. Also I will add the analysis of the three components of business environment. This will include the analysis of Economic, Global and Social environment. In the end I will make conclusions about the organizations’ tasks, goals and responsibilities and about the role of the environment of organizations.

Main Body
Identify the mission, values and key objectives of an organization and assess the influence of stakeholders. According to BPP Learning Media Ltd ’Business Essential: Business Environment’ (2010) mission ‘describes the organization’s basic function in society, in terms of the products and services it produces for its clients’. The mission of any organisation is the specific role, which the organisation is planning to fulfill within society over the long term. This mission of organization doesn’t allow the organisation to work in the areas outside its started mission. So we can say that the mission of the organisation is a set of principles the organisation should follow. But it can also influence the planning process. All the plans of the organisation should follow the mission statement of the organisation. So we can say that the mission statement of the organisation is the set of rules that organisation should follow in order to be successful, but there are some problems connected with the mission. The first and the main problem is that mission is sometimes stated only on the paper, when in real life no one is following it. The second big problem is that mission can be made by the organisation in order to rationalize the relationships with the certain audience (e.g. government, investors, stakeholders). Another problem I should point out is the turning of wishes into the mission (e.g. the mission of the company is to become the major and the biggest company on the market with the best quality product in one year). The values of the company are the common beliefs of the all employees about how the company should work and what mission it has. The values identify the culture and structure of the company. Also it can give the opportunity to the owner of focusing his thoughts on the strategy of the company, instead of controlling the employees, because when people are sharing beliefs the owner will know how they are working so that he /she can predict their actions. According to BPP Learning Media Ltd ’Business Essential: Business Environment’ (2010) the values provide you with the set of principles ‘that govern the overall conduct of the organization’s operations, code of behavior, the management of people and its dealings with the other organisations. The problem you can meet that is connected with the values of the company is that the values give you the opportunity to reduce the control, but if someone will not share the values of your company it can cause real...

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3. Fig.1 The Maslow’s pyramid Available at:–-self-actualization/
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