Be Active

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Be Active

Studies show that being physically active can affect a person’s life tremendously. The physical appearance changes, the way of thought and very beneficial to one’s health. The best part of being active is that there are many ways of doing so, no matter what age or condition.

The first change a person would see is their outer appearance. After the third or fourth week of working out people begin to see results. Cardio workout such as running affects every part of the body by burning fat. So the extra weight on the arm, legs and belly starts to shred off the body making it look slim. To get a more muscular appearance trainers suggest lifting weights. This helps define the body more with less fat and more muscle.

After seeing the results of being active people become more confident and have a positive out look on life. Many people who were never active and began their fitness journey at first were depressed and insecure. Being active changed their whole mindset. A person might have thoughts of giving up during an intense exercise but they focus on the end result and make it through. Having a strong mind can help anyone go through any problems in life without letting it get in the way of lifetime goals. Working out isn’t just working the body out but also the mind.

The most beneficial part of being active is having a healthier body. It lowers the risk of diseases such as cancer or any cardiovascular diseases. Study shows that two hours of moderate-intensity activity can help regulate high blood pressure, high blood pressure, or low cholesterol. Immune system also becomes stronger to fight off a cold or fever. Eating the right food and the amount eaten is a huge factor is a healthy body.

Being activity works from the inside out. A healthy confident body will change anyone’s life completely. There are many ways to begin a fitness journey. Joining a gym; doing group activity like zumba; hikes to a beautiful place on the island or a swim at the...
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