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The Firm is a member of BDO (BINDER DIJKER OTTE) INTERNATIONAL, one of the largest accounting and consulting organizations in the world with more than 600 offices in over 100 countries.  Banco De Oro Unibank, Inc. (BDO), formerly known as Acme Savings Bank, was acquired by the SM Group in 1976. Until August 5, 1996, when it was granted full universal bank status BDO Philippines is a general professional partnership established in 1995. The Firm is composed of partners whose competence and expertise have been tested by the business community for more than 30 years.  As one of the leading providers of accounting and consulting services in the Philippines, BDO Philippines has over 800 audit clients which operate in all sectors of business activity and ranging from single proprietorship to large multinational companies. 

The Firm maintains offices in Metro Manila and in the key cities of Bacolod, Cagayan De Oro and Metro Cebu.

The Firm believes in the power of partnership - the moving force that drives it to soar to new and greater heights. Over the years, its goal has remained unchanged... to be the best partner to its clients while responding to their needs in the most effective and innovative way possible.

BDO Philippines offers a complete range of professional services carried out by highly motivated staff and the most competent full-time professionals and specialists. Features:
Online Banking- BDO Online Banking is banking through the convenience and privacy of any Internet-enabled device. You can do secure banking transactions anywhere in the world anytime, all the time. Group Life Insurance- Designed for companies, as part of their benefits, whose employees are covered for life insurance based either on their annualized salary or fixed amount based on position. Premium payment are mostly shouldered by the employer but in some cases may be paid through salary deduction from the employee. Basic coverage is death either due to illness or accident to the employee. Other insurance riders usually incorporated in a Group Life Insurance are: Accidental Death and Disablement, Burial Expense, Murder and Unprovoked Assault, Medical Expense etc. Easy Investment Plan- BDO's Easy Investment Plan (EIP) is an alternative way of investing in UITFs that offers several advantages over conventional lump-sum investments. Here are some ways EIP can work to your advantage: * 1. Prioritize savings- Perhaps the biggest challenge we face in building our emergency fund and investment portfolio is self-control. Midnight sales in malls on paydays reflect how conspicuous consumption has started to pervade our culture and psyche: every 15 days we feel we deserve to spend a bit more than we normally do for working very hard in the previous couple of weeks. This preference for short-term gratification over financial stability in the long run has led to very low savings rates among many Filipinos, a deficiency whose pitfalls unfortunately only become apparent after the fact, often when it's already too late. EIP helps you better avoid the temptations of overspending by automatically deducting a predetermined amount for investment, leaving you with less funds available for expenses. The good thing about this is that since you'd be investing in UITFs, which are liquid to a certain degree, you would still have access to your invested funds even during financial emergencies. * 2. Face less hassle and stress- You enroll once, and that's it: your chosen amount will be invested for you automatically, unlike making periodic investments on your own where each instance entails going to the bank and filling out forms. Also, regardless of your investment horizon, you needn't worry about market timing and daily fluctuations in NAVPU (see item 4 below), which basically protects you from the stress and anxiety typically associated with investment decision making and monitoring. * 3. Invest less than the minimum required-  the minimum additional...
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