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Article Rebuttal

Carl Bubeck


University Of Phoenix

Article Rebuttal-Stormy Skies for Obama Vacation
The article is about President Obama’s vacation during the height of the economic downturn. I also chose this because one of his vacations directly affected my time in Hawaii. I could not go to one of my favorite beaches on Oahu because of the roadblocks and security. The author, Chris Stirewalt, is a reputable writer. He is also an on air personality with Fox News. He was previously the political editor for the Washington Examiner. So he does have a background in politics and can be considered credible and knowledgeable of the topic. In my opinion, where loses some of his credibility is that the network, he works for is typically the Anti-Obama network. The article discusses the President’s feelings of apprehension in taking a vacation. His feelings are such because of the current economic and employment situation in the country. In his article he points out the President’s choice to vacation, his plummeting approval ratings, and the disapproval from the people and the press.   The articles tone is that given the circumstances the President Obama should not have taken his vacation. Additionally, because he refused to cancel his vacation it is referred to as “defiant vacationing” (Stirewalt, 2011). This article also refers to the President’s campaigning after his vacation and what his plans are for the deficits, tax increases, and the adjustments he is proposing.

In my opinion this article was written with bias-based and under the groupthink fallacy. This is a typical stance for the FOX network and their staff. The author is suggests that everyone in the country is upset by the president's choice. There is certainly an agenda in this article. There is also an undertone of Nationalism within the article because of the condition of...

References: Stirewalt, C. (2011). Stormy Skies for Obama Vacation. Foxnews.com.
How Many Weeks Of Vacation Does Congress Get Paid For? A Day by Day Analysis! (2010)
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