BCOM 275 Final Exam

Topics: Rhetoric, Critical thinking, Communication Pages: 3 (502 words) Published: September 4, 2014
BCOM 275 Final Exam

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1) The message refers to which of the following?

2) This preparation process involves looking at the characteristics of the receivers of the sender’s message.

3) The term channel in communication means

4) This act is involuntary and happens automatically.

5) With this type of response, you analyze or teach the sender about the cause of his or her concern.

6) This response style normally does not help unless the sender has asked for your advice.

7) A claim is generally not considered credible if

8) Which of the following is a category of reasonless advertising?

9) Consider the following exchange: “How do I know God exists? How do you know he doesn’t?” Which fallacy does the second statement illustrate?

10) Providing only two choices when others are available defines which fallacy?

11) Consider the following statement: “Studies confirm what everyone already knows: Smaller class sizes make better learners.” This is an example of which fallacy?

12) Stating someone has negative features and his claim is invalid is an example of which fallacy?

13) Demographics include which of the following?

14) Audience analysis should occur at what point in the creation of a message?

15) Measurable or observable characteristics of your audience are called

16) You want to discuss your performance review and possible raise with your boss. The most effective channel to do this would be

17) In this channel of communication, messages are carried by sound and light waves.

18) Which informal communication channel involves its own abbreviations to accommodate the limited number of characters available in any given message?

19) What type of language is used when communicating with classmates, coworkers, family, and friends?

20) When using expert testimonials, speakers should do...
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