Bcom 230 Dq

Topics: Communication, Management, Psychology Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Formal communication involves the mainline of operational communication within an organization. The communication within this channel is what keeps business flowing. The communication may move upward in the chain of command, downward in the chain of command, or laterally within departments. The communication may be in the form of a report, email, memorandum, intranet, newsletter, or bulletin boards. Informal communications are more personal and do not contribute so much to effective business progression. Managers are unable to control informal communications. Informal communication involves instant messaging, verbal communication, or text messaging. It may be best to use informal communication in training and development, informal meetings, or discussion among team members. In other words, if it does not need a manager’s insight or attention, make it an informal communication. Formal communications are best when addressing complex issues that call for a manager’s attention, changes affecting business practices, and sharing news involving the business in any way. I have personally seen informal and formal communication used incorrectly on both ends. It is important to know when it is appropriate to use each because both parties are affected. The sender can also be penalized for using the incorrect means of communication no matter what information is shared. Using the correct form of communication is important and is definitely a professional reflection. You can either deprive others of information or violate others because of how the information was shared.
What is the meaning of the term group think? What are some ways to reduce or avoid group think in group communication?

The term group think is a negative form of group decision-making event. It influences members in a group to base decision-making on bringing harmony to the group rather than making realistic decisions to bring forth issues to the table. As members of a group,...
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