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Boston consulting group (Boston Matrix)

Company’s name: ChopChop (international chocolate producing company) Industry name : Confectionary ( Chocolate products )
Headquarters: Russia. ( Moscow )

Company introduction:

Our company was established for more than 8 years since 2006, and it has recently developed to be one of the strongest international enterprise of chocolate industry of the world. We are the chocolate producing company, producing many varieties of chocolate. However, we has considered about product portfolio analysis to examines the existing position of the company and separated our 4 main products Figure Chocolate, fruit chocolate , snack chocolate and original chocolate into 4 categories Star, question mark, cash cow and poor dog respectively.

Our company structure:
Feng Xiaorong: CFO assistant.
Shisi: CEO assistant.
Meiling: CFO.
Jana: management consultant

Russia overview:
Population : 142.9 Million people
In 2013, Russia contributed $ 12,166.7 Million on global confectionary industry, and kept the third place of the top world’s confectionary production. Russia is in 12 of 20 highest chocolate consuming nations with more than 5.9 kg chocolate consumption per capita.

1. Political
_ Political stability in the country
_Temporary problem with sanction
_Support of technical education
_Policy risk is estimated at low level

2. Economy:
_Inflation : 6%
_Euro -57.44 and USD 45,79 Currency Exchange.
_The organization does not export and import products
_Main external costs of the organization including:
+ Increase in prices for good
+ Increase in prices for the equipment
+ Increase in prices for the (WTF is that JANA )

3. Technology:
_Speed of new product development average
_All new technologies are patented directly

4. Society:
_Increase of mobility of the population
_Demand of the higher economics and legal education
_The loyal relation to business youth it is oriented of opening of their own business.

5. Ecology system:
_Deterioration of an ecological situation and ecological standard

6. Legal factors:
(WHAT are you doing JANA)
DO it again and don’t copy. Make a real statistic on the internet. (WIKI…)

Boston Matrix :

Poor dog : Original Chocolate bars a.k.a dark chocolate.

Its chocolate is range of product derived from cacao, mixed with fat and powdered sugar with no milk. Which are regulated at least 30% pure cacao including in.

Confectionary consumption in Russia is highest among women and older consumers

Description : dark, bitter and healthy.

Market growth
Market share
$ 1.2 million
$ 55.6 million

Question marks: Fruit Chocolate (low market share and high market growth)

Introduction: Nowadays, people make a variety of chocolates. They add nuts ( peanut, hazelnut, almond), milk, dried fruits(grape, strawberry, etc).Our company introduced a new kind of chocolate—fruit chocolate. We dipped sweet and juicy fresh fruit into original/milk/dark chocolates and make it more fresh and tasty.

Competitor: Godiva :Belgian chocolate brand. Over 480 boutiques worldwide, over2000 retailers Similar product: dipped strawberry chocolate
Our advantages: similar quality but lower price more choice of fruit (apple ,kiwi, mango, etc.)

Market growth
Market share
2 Million $
5 Million $

Price: medium price of other products
Placement: fruit chocolate has short shelf life and always be made by fresh and are sold directly to customers. Target customers: All age groups who like chocolate and fresh fruit.(Someone who want to try something new.) The group of people who take care of their health. Promotion: Advertisements on TVs or on the Internet ( weibsite: facebook ,magazine( and ad vedios on youtube) Ad at Train station, airport and bus. Product concept: more creative,...
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