Bc607- Assignment 1.1: Dialogue 1

Topics: Coffee, Drink, Globalization Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: August 26, 2011
Ra’Quell Yarbrough

BC607- Assignment 1.1: Dialogue 1

August 10, 2011

The Impact of Globalization on Small and Large Corporations: Kraft Foods v/s Hansen’s Natural

I conducted a brief analysis on Kraft Foods and Hansen’s Natural, to compare and evaluate the ways in which the concept of globalization has made an impact in their individual tactics globally. Kraft Foods and Hansen’s Natural are two similar corporations with dissimilar ways of operations. They operate differently in structure, accessibility, size, strategy, and international marketing. They both share the similarity of working in the food industry. Hansen’s goods are not as broad as Kraft Food’s. Their products are restricted to the beverage sector, while Kraft Food’s products are featured in both beverages and food sectors. Therefore, Hansen’s has not been as dominant as Kraft Foods internationally.

Kraft Foods is a renowned American confectionery, food and beverage, independent public company. It markets many brands in more than 155 countries where 40 of the brands are at least a century old and 12 of the brands, annually, profit over a billion dollars worldwide. Kraft Foods employs 140,000 diverse employees; conversely their website depicts the notion of their inspiration to be the consumer. Their website states “Consumers Inspire Us.” The company upholds a solid market position in the United States while simultaneously making lucrative strides in Europe. Due to the fact that Kraft Foods has 49% of its market share in North America and the remaining 51% in Europe and other areas, they are able to use such diversity to their advantage. Kraft advertises as an international company and has websites in various languages to compensate an extensive selection of market, while keeping everything is simple. They employ the internet to persistently use online surveys and other PR approaches for public feedback analysis to further identify consumer concerns in regards to foods and...
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