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Cost Advantage
Nice Colour of Sauce
Easily Available
Popular BBQ Sauce within Australia
Good Quality
Easy to Carry
Longer Shelf LifeWeaknesses

Bad packaging
Bottle Material is rough, not smooth like other brands BBQ sauce bottle •Unattractive Bottle
Colour Combination of Bottle and Labelling
Sauce was placed on last shelf
Poor Supply Chain
Popular in Australian People only
Bottle Shape is not good
Bottle is not See Through
Labelling is Unattractive
Weak Brand


Can Promote More
Make Better Packaging and Labelling
Stylish Shape
Improve taste
More Cheaper
Can Improve Sauce Smell
May Use Better Quality Material for Packaging
Spread Their target market

Competition like “Masterfoods and Fountain”
Some other brands are more cheaper
Price war
Other competitor products
Environmentalist group

SWOT Matrix



ETA Original Barbecue sauce 375 ml is a product of Goodman Fielder Food Services and is a quite popular sauce in barbecue sauce world. The biggest strength of this sauce is that it can be used as dipping sauce also. People love to eat this sauce with roosted food and fast food as dipping sauce. It means that this sauce has two different uses that we can use it for barbecue purpose and we can also use it as dipping sauce. The price of this sauce is very moderate and comparatively to other brand BBQ sauce, the ETA Original Barbecue sauce has less price. The taste of this sauce is very rich or in other words unique taste this is a big strength of this sauce. The colour of the sauce is very impressive which is dark brown. People who love barbecue food also like this sauce and are the favourite sauce of many people. The sauce quality is high and can compete with any competitive sauce around the world as both barbecuing and dipping sauce. This sauce has a higher shelf life than its competitors and it has expiry date of 1 year that’s mean user can utilise this sauce as much as long for 1 year. It does not need to be refrigerated we can put it anywhere within room temperature and we can take it anywhere we want such as to any party or any picnic. Due to its popularity it can be found anywhere in Australia. We can purchase this sauce from wool worth or from any big or small grocery shop.


This sauce has a bad packaging and also the material of the bottle is not a good quality. The bottle is also unattractive. Few people do not like to purchase it due to previously mentioned reason. The label of the product is also unattractive. Few people also don’t like the colour combination of the bottle and the labelling which is red and yellow. The sauce is mostly placed on the last shelf in many big stores like Coles and Woolworth and this really affects the sale of any good. This sauce is basically famous in only Australian people not in people from other countries. Therefore, mostly overseas students, people and migrants do not wish to eat this sauce because they don’t know about it because of its placement. The bottle shape is not good and unattractive so mostly people buy the other BBQ sauce rather than ETA Original BBQ sauce. The bottle of ETA original barbecue sauce is made up of plastic and is not seeing through so people can not judge that how many sauce is left into the bottle and that’s the weak point of this ETA original barbecue sauce. The labelling of this product is also not attractive because it is scratch able. Some people in Australia do not like the smell of this sauce. So it is hard for them to eat this sauce due to irritating smell. The one more weakness of this product is that the BRAND is not popular that’s mean that the brand is weak so people dose not know about it because of its unpopularity.


The ETA original...
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