Bbm and Social Network Addiction

Topics: Twitter, Sociology, Social network service Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Are you constantly checking your Facebook and Twitter for updates? Do you have a large number of Facebook friends and BBM contacts but only know and communicate with a few? Does the idea of having many social network friends make you feel popular? Do you feel unsettled and anxious when you can’t check for updates or read your messages? If you’ve answered yes to some of those questions, you may have a social network addiction. Statistics show that teenagers spend on average 31 hours online per week and an average of 2 hours per day. This includes the use of Facebook, Twitter and the most popular, Blackberry Messenger. However these statistics aren’t showing the extent of the addiction of social networks. Some teenagers use their phone throughout the day, and with advanced technology they are able to access their Facebook and twitter accounts with a simple click of a button as well as using BBM. Even I, a teenager, admit to opening a separate tab for my Facebook and bbming people while preparing this oral. But why are teenagers addicted? BBM addiction is because it’s so easy to communicate with your friends, it tells you when your messages deliver and when they are read, a quick status update notifies your entire contact list and you are never offline. It is only R69 per month and you can send pictures, videos, and other files to your contacts as well as browse the internet for free. Although all those things sound great there are also many dangers to this addiction. Firstly it can cause you a loss in ability to socialise with people face to face. Your loss in interaction could affect your life from losing touch with your family to not being able to get a job as you have no communication skills. Some also believe that our generation with develop severe arthritis in the future. But fear not there is a way to stop this addiction. Start off slowly by having a time period where you are away from your phone or other devices with...
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