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Comparison and Contrast of BBC News and ABC News Millions of people worldwide watch the news televised every single day. They want to stay updated on what’s going on around them locally, regionally as well as internationally. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) are probably one of the most viewed news stations in America. While evaluating several clips from both of the news channels, I noticed that they both provide the public with current and important events happening around the world and so forth however they do this in a variety of different methods and styles.
Both BBC and ABC seemed to get their information out to the public the same but BBC tended to cover more information amongst more countries rather than ABC. For example, when I was watching clips on BBC about the investigation of the Kenyan Mall siege, BBC covered more of the actual facts than ABC in other words; BBC went more in depth about what happened the day of the attack and that’s all they talked about. They talked about what happened, where the people were hiding, and made assumptions about things that they could back up. Whereas ABC, talked about what happened the day of the attack, but they wanted to relate back to terrorism coming to America. BBC also covered more complex stories that were involved with the Kenyan Mall Siege. When presenting their coverage’s, both BBC and ABC related to one another by having a woman anchor on scene to appeal to viewers emotional standpoint on particular events around the world. They also had the same target audience, meaning that the objective of their coverage was to inform the general public around the world about what was going on.
All in all BBC and ABC present their information like any other news coverage’s. They cover the same information but relay it to the public in different ways. BBC goes in depth and gives you more information from different views of their stories while ABC gives

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