Bbc Son of God Part 2

Topics: Dead Sea scrolls, Qumran, Jerusalem Pages: 3 (503 words) Published: October 5, 2009
BBC – Son of God Biblical Traditions
Episode 2 – “The Mission”

Background: This series researches the New Testament through archaeological, historical and scientific findings to better understand “Who was Jesus?” As you watch, record responses to these questions and other information you found interesting. Try to complete as much as possible.

After the viewing of the film, discuss with those at your table any questions that you need additional information.

I. What Messiah Expectations were around at the time of Jesus?

1. How does the film summarize the general tone of political and social anxiety?

2. How does the discovery of an ancient fishing boat give insights into the lives of Jesus’ first disciples?

3. How did Jesus break from the practices of previous “would be” messiahs? How does this give insight into the specific mission strategy of Jesus?

4. What can you note from the description of common village life?

5. What was significant of the number 12 as the specially chosen disciples?

II. Encountering the Jewish Leaders in Jerusalem

1. Describe the sacrificial practice in the temple.

2. What did Jesus find as wrong with the temple practices and abuses of the priests?

3. How does this compare this evidence in the Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran community discontent?

III. Gift for healing and how Jesus defined his mission
1. Why would Jesus’ interaction with the lost, infirmed, incurable people create a problem for the Jewish leaders? How was this approach still viewed as “radical”?

2. Describe the story of the healing that happened at the Bethesda Pool in Jerusalem. 3. Hamatgadir Baths near Galilee gives evidence of the healing process in 1st Century Palestine. Write about the needs of sick people in the first century Palestine.

4. What evidence is there that a Bethesda Pool did exist and the story of the paralyzed man?

5. Hanina Ben Doza was a contemporary of Jesus who also was viewed as a healer....
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