BBC Seeds of War: Documentary Notes

Topics: World War I, Sarajevo, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria Pages: 3 (404 words) Published: May 13, 2014
BBC Time Watch: Seeds of WWI

Key Terms: The Great Adventure, degradation, blasphemy, Triple Entente, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Balkans, Sarajevo, Serb Nationalists, 2nd Balkan War, Austria-Hungary (Hapsburg Empire), the Black Hand, Princip

The Great Adventure



Triple Entente

Archduke Franz Ferdinand



Serb Nationalists

2nd Balkan War

Austria-Hungary (Hapsburg Empire)

the Black Hand


1. How many men marched to war in the summer of 1914?
6 million
2. How many were killed in WWI?
8 million
3. What is one of the greatest debates of the 20th Century?
The causes of the great war
4. What was the flashpoint for WWI?
The unresolved conflicts
5. Why is Sarajevo still torn apart today?
Conflicts that tore the regions apart around
6. What were European powers interested in Serbia?
Because of its geographical position and wealth in natural resources 7. What European power was Serbia’s ally?
8. Who was Archduke Ferdinand?
Heir to the Hapsburg throne
9. What was Ferdinand doing in Sarajevo in June 1914?
Austria decided to hold maneuver in.
10. What happened on 28 June 1914?
Jun 27 - His wife joined him - came into the city for a reception - bomb thrown in the car - exploded and the attempted assassin caught - 1/7 of assassins on the route - led on wrong route - slowed down and shot by Princip

11. What was the Black Hand?
A Serbian terrorist organization controlled by the secret police

12. How old was Archduke Ferdinand’s assassin, Princip?
13. Why are Princip’s relatives reluctant to condemn Princip? Because while he may be seen as a terrorist and an assassin he is considered to be a hero by others and Austria annexed their country 14. Who would be the Emperor of the Hapsburg Empire if the empire survived? Otton Von Hapsburg

15. Does the Black Hand exist today?
16. What did Archduke Ferdinand’s death mean for Austria?
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