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Chapter 1

2) E-business is limited to electronic activity conducted over the Internet. – False

3) One of the significant changes in IT governance is the shift to a centralized IS executive decision making process. – True

6) Outsourcing IT services is always a long-term commitment. – False

7) Intellectual capital is a synonym for knowledge. – True

9) Data management has changed over the years to include graphics, animation, and video. – True

11) Knowledge-based activities are designed to handle large volumes of transactions. – False

20) The most exciting developments in telecommunications technology is fiber optics. – False

21. Which of the following is not a major trend in the management of information technology?

A) outsourcing

B) IT governance

C) shift toward application delivery

D) All of the above

24) A web of relationships surrounding one or two companies is known as a(n):

A) e-enablement network.

B) ecosystem.

C) e-commerce transaction.

D) None of the above

27) Knowledge that people have but cannot be easily explained to others is referred to as:

A) tacit knowledge.

B) explicit knowledge.

C) illicit knowledge.

D) artificial knowledge.

29) Trends in computer hardware are headed toward:

A) increasing distribution.

B) increasing centralization.

C) increasing IT control.

D) None of the above

30) Trends in computer software are headed towards:

A) increasing use of purchased software.

B) increasing network-centricity.

C) increased end-user computing.

D) All of the above

31) Trends in data are headed towards:

A) emphasis on application data files.

B) emphasis on knowledge management.

C) emphasis on data reduction.

D) All of the above

36) The most exciting developments in telecommunications technology is:

A) wireless.

B) structured code.

C) Ethernet.

D) fiber optics.

E) Both A and C

38) IT evolution can be described using the four traditional areas of:

A) hardware, applications, operating systems and communication.

B) software, hardware, communication and telecommunications.

C) software, telecommunications, internet and hardware.

D) hardware, software, data, and communication.

Chapter 2 The Top IS Job

3) A recent shift in IS organizations has been towards developing IT computer operations centers. - False

4) Architecture management is one of the biggest issues facing IS organizations in the future. - True

8) Today’s CIO has an increased emphasis on IT governance than past eras. - True

16) The leadership of CIOSs is no longer limited to IS functions. - True

17) The management of IT in organizations has not changed drastically over the past 50 years. - False

18) Outsourcing has spread widely because companies see value in turning IS functions over to specialist companies. - True

19) It is not reasonable to expect an outsourcing service provider to understand and satisfy all the needs of the organization without active management. - True

24) The traditional set of IS responsibilities includes all of the following except:

A) managing corporate data.

B) planning systems.

C) identifying opportunities for network expansion.

D) performing system analysis and design.

25) Which of the following has been reduced by the growing capabilities of users?

A) network operations

B) systems architecture

C) system maintenance

D) business requirements identification

26) The IS Lite model suggests that today’s IS department should concentrate on:

A) driving innovation.

B) managing supplier and user relationships.

C) developing website content.

D) Both A and B

29) The role of the IS executive in the ________ was that of being an operational manager of IS.

A) mainframe era

B) distributed era

C) Web era

D) None of the above

30) The role of the IS executive in the ________ was to align IT with the business.

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