Bba 310

Topics: Interview, Knowledge, Person Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: July 27, 2013
Dillon Godofsky
BBA 310
Assignment 1.1
December 8, 2012

In a management position of a company, there are many different strategies for hiring individuals for different types of positions. Each manager develops a commonality of the type of people they are looking for. In the case study of Mr. Guy Kawasaki, he touches on his different methods for hiring diverse prospects, including some of the mistakes he has made and what to do different not to repeat the same mistakes. Rather than hiring individuals who are very knowledgeable about the position at hand, he more looks to recruit people who learn how to learn, becoming more effective over time.

In his strategy of hiring, Kawasaki believes it produces best results, but each strategy has a positive and negative side to it. His hiring strategy comes with different rounds of interviews. The first round of interviews is held over the phone. His reasoning behind the phone interview is to not form a decision based on external influences. This can be good because it gives the initial tone and non-biased conversation of the interviewee. You are able to ask questions about the job, background, and goals without forming judgment. A potential negative of phone interviewing is that you aren’t able to have direct eye contact or body language, which says a lot about a person. Kawasaki knows that a company will have its share of people with strong backgrounds as well as weak. He believes the perfect boss will not reflect on previous mistakes made and learn not to repeat them over and over again. Also understand that each business needs a productive and diverse team to succeed. He believes that a perfect boss will understand the individual diversity around the world, and that each of them has a unique personality that makes the workplace that much better for results. I also believe that Kawasaki has very good strategies in hiring a diverse set of individuals for the perfect workplace. In my opinion, a perfect boss will...
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