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To the dean of Bayview University, Peter Dalley:

A study was assessed on the current ethical behavior of business students at Bayview. A sample of 90 business students from this year’s graduating class was anonymously given a survey with the following questions: During your time at Bayview, did you ever present work copied off the Internet as your own?

Yes _________ No _________

During your time at Bayview, did you ever copy answers off another student’s exam?
Yes _________ No _________

During your time at Bayview, did you ever collaborate with other students on projects that were supposed to be completed individually?
Yes _________ No _________

According to the statistical analysis, given Figure 1, it shows that 53% of the sample have answered “Yes” to at least one of the questions and were considered as cheaters and in which more than half are males. It seems that most of the male cheaters copy their work off the internet, whereas the female cheaters often collaborate work together.

The confidence interval for the proportion of all the students, the proportion of male students, and the proportion of female students are calculated as follows; All: 0.52 – 0.54
Males: 0.56 – 0.58
Females: 0.46 – 0.51
This concludes that within 52%-54% of all the business students are cheaters and within that interval, 56%-58% are males and 46%-51% are females. It shows that male business students are more likely to cheat than female business students.

A hypothesis test was carried out to see if there are less cheaters in Bayview University compared to other institutions are reported by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Ho: p < 0.56
Ha: p ≥ 0.56
With level of significance as 0.05, Z-value is -0.58
Z-0.58 = 0.28 < 0.56, therefore we do not reject the null hypothesis. This means, there are less business student cheaters in Bayview University compared to other institutions.

As for the nonbusiness student cheaters, our hypothesis test is as...
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