Bayaning 3rd World Synopsis

Topics: José Rizal, Katipunan, Andrés Bonifacio Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Bayaning 3rd World

It was all about making a film about Dr. Jose Rizal as our National Hero where the film makers Ricky Davao and Cris Villanueva were thinking what would be the title of the film they will make. And they come up with a detective story wherein they will investigate if Rizal is really a Hero, which implies that they were in doubt of Rizal being our Hero.

Moreover, they have many questions on their mind that needs an answer. First, who is Rizal? National Hero, the great Malayan, the first Filipino Indio bravo and the pride of Malay race. What is Rizal? One peso coin, even though always devalued always number one. Small but Terrible. In the year 1904 Gregorio Aglipay, monopoly of Catholic Church, built his own church and made Rizal as their saint. Similarly, group of Filipinos specifically cult praised him and made him as their lord. Second, did Rizal marry Josephine Bracken? They say that Rizal marries Josephine but there was no documentary evidence that will proved that they were really married. The Friars said that Rizal can marry Josephine only if he will write a retraction paper. Jose Rizal did write a retraction while he was in Dapitan but there was no signature of him. So, Rizal did not marry Josephine. However, they really love each other and both live in Dapitan and have a child but unfortunately died. Third, did Rizal sign a retraction paper? This was the most controversial issue. There was a retraction paper made but the text and signature of Rizal were not genuine. Maybe, The Jesuits imitates it. In the interview of Father Balaguer, he said that Rizal retract and confess. If Rizal really retracts and declares himself as catholic, it means that he retract with all his heart whatever in his words, writings, publications and conduct has been contrary to his character as son of the Catholic Church.

In case that Rizal really retract, he is truly a coward but the truth was revealed in his...
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