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Though the movie has a lot to point out about our national hero, there about three main points on which the author concentrated; (1) Rizal, pro or against the revolution(2) Retraction System (3) Speculation whether Josephine and Him got married or not or if their relationship was authentic or not.

Rizal at the beginning of the movie may have stand firm about his statement that he was against the revolution, however, many speculated about his bravery. Two sides of the coin was open, the first side tells the he was a not that brave enough in facing the enemies through sword and shields. Second side was he wanted to fight back through pen and paper so that it would not be easy for the enemies to track him down. Though in my perception, even he was pro or against the revolution, it would not make any difference because from the Spaniards perception he was the one who started the revolution eventhough at the back of the story he even declined it.

The second issue on the retraction system was the most controversial in the movie where they have to decipher whether the signature was authentic or not. From my point of view, a document older than the people today is really a tough job to think upon because at the first place, there were only two priests who were there during the signing and that these two was really determined that Rizal would sign the retraction document. However, the idea that it was falsified would not be removed from my idea because the primary source of the information is a priest who were with the Spaniards and really pushed Rizal to convert in being a Catholic again. So goes with issues that arise that when he was about to be sentence to death, did he really kiss a cross, had a rosary wrapped around his wrist? Or did he not kiss a cross, no rosary wrapped around his wrist?

In accordance to the second issue, the authenticity of his relationship with Josephine Bracken was touched. Historians have...
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