Battle Royal Ralph Ellison Analysis

Topics: Black people, White people / Pages: 5 (1081 words) / Published: Apr 29th, 2017
“Battle Royal” was written by Ralph Ellison in 1952. The story talks about how the narrator was blindfolded and tossed into a boxing ring for the beguilement of a gathering of important white men. He is compelled to convey a message about the significance of docility and training to African Americans after been beaten to a pulp. Whiles “On the Road” by Mr. Hughes, talks about a black man who arrives in Nevada, in the late 1934 during a snowstorm. Seeking food and shelter in white neighborhood and was denied so he must do anything to survive the night. Even though both stories talk about social responsibilities, the protagonists from this different stories approach the situation differently. Whiles the nameless protagonist from “Battle Royal” …show more content…
The nameless protagonist wants to be recognize by the elite white men. For that must come to pass he must prove that he is educated and ahead of his people for him to get the recognition he deserves. Ellison quietly points out that “take this prize and keep it well, consider it a badge of office” (1420). This passage highlights the protagonist’s desire to be recognize by the white elites and will go to any length to achieve that. He is well educated, and even complying with their ways so that he can get the scholarship he wants to continue his education at the negro state college. Whereas Sargeant’s goal is, get the basic human needs; food, shelter and freedom. Per the narrator of the story Sargeant yearns for freedom that “he mumbles, I’m gonna break down this door too” (Hughes 1081). This passage highlights Sargeant’s strong desire for basic needs that he will allow nothing to get in his way. He is ready to destroy the jail to get out and continue his journey. With both situations in mind, it amplifies Booker T’s statement “cast down your bucket where you are” (1422). This implies that one must use what they have, to achieve their goals as the protagonist complies with the elites to further his education and on the other hand Sargeant uses his strength against the

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