battle of little bighorn

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Lakota people, Sitting Bull Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: April 24, 2014

What Impact Did the Battle of Little Bighorn Have on the Native American Way of Life?

The Battle of Little Bighorn is said to have been the greatest Indian victory in history. There were several contributing factors which rested in the battle and it had a huge impart on the Native American way of life. Some resultants were the loss of Indian culture and being forced to live on reservations. The Indian Chiefs, Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, were strong, determined leaders however, and they fought extremely hard to defend their people and culture against the U.S Government.

Gold was found in the Black Hills in 1874. This lead to a swarm of white miners and settlers travelling to Indian lands and making themselves at home. The white people attempted to open the Bozeman trail through the very heart of the Lakota Tribe's land in the early 1860's, which of course, infuriated these Indians. This, along with many previous conflicts between Indian tribes and white settlers, lead to Red Cloud – the Olaga Chief – declaring war against the white people. The Indians won this war, and as a result the Fort Laramie Treaty was set in place. However, in 1875 when the U.S Government's attempt to negotiate the sale of the Black Hills collapsed, the Government saw this as a way to release the Native Americans from the treaty. Due to the numerous amounts of conflict over land ownership, the Battle of Little Bighorn took place.

Although the Native American's won the battle and declared it the 'greatest Indian victory of all time' the consequences were devastating to their way of life. The U.S Government were infuriated by the loss of General Custer and the 7th Cavalry and decided that they would charge onto Indian land and force every Native American onto reservations in attempts to 'civilise them'. The Indian's lost 40 million acres of land. George Hicks, a member of the Cherokee tribe once said, “It is with sorrow that we are forced by authority of the white man to the...
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