Battle of Kings Mountain

Topics: North Carolina, Battle of Kings Mountain, Nathanael Greene Pages: 24 (9307 words) Published: August 14, 2011
Date |Saturday, October 07, 1780 | |
|Weather |~22 `F, winds 13knots | |Location |Near Blackburn, SC and King's Mountain, NC | |  |Great Britain |The US Colonies | |Belligerents |Loyalists |United States | |Commanders |Patrick Ferguson |James Johnston, John Sevier, William Campbell | |Casualties |Force: 1200 |Force: 900 | | |Killed: 290 |Killed: 29 | | |Wounded: 163 |Wounded: 58 | | |Captured: 668 |Captured: 0 | |Overview: | |There never has been any uncertainty as to the actual location of the ground on which the Battle of Kings Mountain was fought, | |but due to the defects and limitations in early maps, the battle has frequently been described as occurring in North Carolina. | |Many of the early maps show "King Mountain" north of the boundary line, with none of the mountain symbols extending into South | |Carolina. As a result the battle was accredited to North Carolina. | |In 1772 a portion of the boundary between the two Carolinas was surveyed from the Catawba River westwardly. The origin of this | |portion of the boundary was the center of the junction of the Catawba and the South Fork of the Catawba. From this junction the | |line was to run due west to the mountains and there connect with the boundary of the Cherokee Nation. | |The Price and Strother map, engraved in 1808, which purports to be "The First Actual Survey of the State of North Carolina," | |shows the 1772 line crossing the Broad River 1¼ miles south of the east and west line through the junction of the Broad and the | |First Broad. This corresponds with the distance on the Gaffney quadrangle of the United States Geological Survey. By other checks| |of the 1772 line where it crosses streams, with the United States Geological Survey of the line, it is evident that both lines | |are one and the same. | |Synopsis: | |During the summer of 1780, Ferguson and his provincial corps of 150 traveled through South Carolina and into North Carolina | |gathering support for His Majesty's cause. While marching through the upcountry of South Carolina, the Loyalists engaged in minor| |skirmishes with militia regiments. Some of those small battles happened at places like Wofford's Iron Works, Musgrove's Mill, | |Thicketty Fort, and Cedar Spring. However in August, after the Americans lost at the Battle of Camden, the Over Mountain Men | |retired to their homes in western North Carolina to rest before going after Ferguson again. | |THE MARCH TO KINGS MOUNTAIN | |Meanwhile in September, Cornwallis invaded North Carolina. His final objective was to march into Virginia. To protect his troops |...
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