Battle of Corral Sea

Topics: World War II, Empire of Japan, Australia Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Howell, Shiela
Period five

Battle of the Coral Sea

Referred to as “the battle that saved Australia,” The Battle of Corral Sea was the first of six battles between aircraft carrier forces in The Pacific Wars of World War II. This battle occurred in May of 1942, six months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and one month before the Battle of Midway. The clash between Japanese and Allied navies was fought in the waters southwest of the Solomon Islands and to the east of New Guinea, 500 miles northeast of Australia. The battle was solely fought with planes and was a turning point of the war.

Japanese forces wanted to get Australia and New Zealand out of the war by invading New Guinea. Not wanting this, the United States and Australia assembled a naval fleet to stop the advancing Japanese. When the Japanese, and the Allies forces met, fierce airborne attacks begun. The battle continued until evening where both sides retreated readying its forces to do battle at the Battle of Midway.

This was a major turning point of the war because this was the first time the Allies was able to stop the advancing Japanese. Before the battle transpired, the Japanese had continuously won their battles, doing a great deal of damage to its enemies. After this battle the Japanese luck had turned and they began to lose their fights. This was also in importance because it was the first carrier-versus-carrier battle in history.
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