battle of buxar

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Battle of Buxar
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Battle of Buxar -Crown and company- Arthur Edward Mainwaring pg 144.jpg Date23 October 1764
LocationNear Buxar
ResultBritish East India Company Victory
Flag of the Mughal Empire.png[1]
Nawab of Awadh
Nawab of Bengal
Mughal Emperor
Flag of the British East India Company (1707).svg British East India Company Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Mughal Empire.png Shah Alam II[2]
Mirza Najaf Khan
Mir Qasim
Flag of the British East India Company (1707).svg Hector Munro of Novar Strength
140 cannons7,072
30 cannons
Casualties and losses
10,000 killed or wounded
6,000 captured1,847 killed or wounded
The Battle of Buxar was fought on 23 October 1764 between the forces under the command of the British East India Company led by Hector Munro and the combined army of Mir Qasim, the Nawab of Bengal; Shuja-ud-Daula the Nawab of Awadh and the Mughal King Shah Alam II[3] The battle fought at Buxar, then within the territory of Bengal, a town located on the bank of the Ganges river about 130 km west of Patna, was a decisive victory for the British East India Company. Contents [hide]

1 Battle
2 Aftermath
3 See also
4 References

British troops engaged in the fighting numbered 7,072[4] comprising 857 British, 5,297 Indian sepoys and 918 Indian cavalry. The alliance army's numbers were estimated to be over 40,000.By other sources,the combined army of the Mughals, Awadh and Mir Qasim consisting of 40,000 men were defeated by British army consisting 10,000 men. The Mughal camp was internally broken due to a quarrel between the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II and Shuja-ud-Daula the Nawab of Awadh; Mir Qasim was reluctant to engage the British...
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