battle of britain

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Battle of Britain
For residents of Southern England, 1940 was a horrific year. “ Citizens of London lived through the Blitz ” as the British Royal Air force (RAF) did their best to defend their country (Wawro, par. 1). The “ Germans had defeated France, Poland, and Czechoslovakia leaving the United Kingdom as the only country in their way of winning the war in Western Europe ” (Wawro par. 1). The Battle of Britain began on “July 10, 1940” (Wawro par. 1). This Battle was “an air conflict or war between the British and German air forces” (Wawro, par. 1). The Battle of Britain affected Britain socially, economically, and politically. Socially Britain was affected by the horrific loss of life and the wholesale destruction of communities. Economically Britain was in economic ruin. Politically, British people depended on other countries to help out with war costs and damage.

Communities were destroyed and families were torn apart during the Battle of Britain, German bombings were the most prevalent causes. “ The blackout began two days before the war, everyone had to cover up their windows with black material, street lamps were turned off, and car headlights had to be blacked out ” (Life, par. 1). Deadly traffic accidents were common during the blackout. The battle began with “ 60 German aircrafts attacking the shipping in the English Channel ” (Wawro, par. 3). During the early months of the war there were not many bombs dropped, the Germans “ mainly attacked the RAF air bases ” (Life par. 1). “ In September of 1940 the German’s started to bomb Britain’s cities hoping the British would panic and surrender, this period is

known as The Blitz ” (Life, par. 1). Blitz was short for “ Blitzkrieg or lightning wars ” (Mr. Knox). The Blitz was a “ series of German aerial attacks during the Battle of Britain ” (Lewis, par. 2). Germany’s objective was to “ quickly gain air superiority prior to the invasion ” (Lewis, par. 2). “ German warplanes bombed London for 57 straight days ” (Lewis, par. 3). “ On December 29th the Germans dropped high explosive bombs on central London, 1500 fires were started ” (Lewis, par. 3). More than “ 43,000 people were killed in the Blitz ” (Lewis, par. 3). After the raids “ some found their homes flattened, others found dead or injured relatives and friends ” (Life, par. 6).

Even though Britain and the British Royal Air Force won the Battle of Britain they faced serious economic problems during and after the battle. The wars had greatly impacted human relations; many men died in the war or came back with injuries. The injured people were not able to work like the healthy ones and not much money was brought into their families. “ About 303,000 soldiers lost their lives ” attempting to keep the Luftwaffe and German invasion out and away from Britain (Moore, page 181). Due to the bombings of major cities in Britain “ 60,000 innocent civilians lost their lives ” (Moore, page 181). Not only did a tremendous amount of people lose their lives the way of life in Britain changed. All of the soldiers who came back healthy had a hard time finding jobs and if they were injured an even harder time finding a job. “ Before the war it was quite common for upper class citizens to have butlers and maids ” (Moore, page 183). During the war women were working in factories and many butlers had went off to fight the war leaving to time or people to work as maids or butlers. After the war

women were taking care of the households themselves and all “ the peasants looking for jobs had nowhere to work because of the scarce job openings ” (Moore, page 183). The War was very costly, especially the production of airplanes. The main planes used by the British Royal Air Force were the Hurricane and the Spitfire. “ The defense of the homeland during the Battle of Britain was dominated by the partnership between the British Royal Air Force Spitfires and Hurricanes, both single seat monoplanes...
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