Battle of Brandywine

Topics: American Revolutionary War, Continental Army, George Washington Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: November 13, 2008
Battle of Brandywine

The Battle of Brandywine was fought in Philadelphia on September 11, 1777 during the American Revolution. The enemy was the British soldiers who sought to capture Philadelphia, the revolutionary state. The British came strong with 17,000 troops under the command of General Howe. The Americans, lead by General George Washington were outnumbers with 10,000 militia men. In analyzing this battle, I will discuss several key factors in terms of METT-TC, OAKOC, and the Principles of War that influenced the outcome of the British capturing Philadelphia (To emphasize these principles I will italicize METT-TC, OAKOC). In July 1777, the British landed off the coast of New Jersey with an armanda of more that 260 ships carrying there 17,000 troops. There landing area was on the northern end of present day Chesapeake Bay, about 40-50 miles southwest of Philadelphia. The British faced logistical problems because of the terrain which was a narrow river neck that was shallow and muddy. General Washington on the other hand had the advantage of Observation and fields of fire, and key terrain by placing his troops on the high ground between Head of Elk and Philadelphia to defend against the British. General Washington deployed fractions of his army throughout this area in preparation of British attacks. His efforts ultimately amounted to nothing because General Howe had no intentions of fighting a full scale war at the moment against the prepared Americans. Instead, he employed a flanking maneuver (Avenue of Approach). A portion of his army 5,000 troops went to meet General Washington at Chadd’s Ford while the remainder was to march north to Jeffries Ford, an area that Washington overlooked.

The Battle
The battle began on September 11th with heavy fog which provided the British with cover. At the time Washington received several contradicting reports about the British troop movement and continued to believe they were going to attack from Chadds Ford....
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