Battle of Berlin

Topics: United States, John Locke, Political philosophy Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Social studies note-August 7, 2013
Odalis Tapia 3rd piriod
Objective: swbat explains and gives example of a natural
U.S constitution | *a plan for government*created in 1787; ratified 1789| consent| To agree to something|
Naturals Right| Right that are a part of law of nature; all people have the right to life ,liberty,& property| Purpose of Government| Gov’t protect natural right|
Social Contract| Unofficial agreement shard by everyone in which they give some freedom for security| State of Nature| A condition in which no gov’t or laws exist.| Iroquois League| 5 Native Americans Tribes that would come problems together to discuss common problems.| | |

Right philosophy

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Objective: SWABAT explaining what the founder believed to be natural right of humans beings and why we need government. John Locke | *English philosopher;*wrote two treatises of government.*gov’t is based on aan agreement or contract between the people and the ruler .*founder used his ideas about ideas gov’t.| What are advantages and disadvantage of living in a state of nature.| Advantages: Do whatever you wanted Disadvantages: You can be kill ,robber ,etc; a mess everywhere-no one to pick up garbage;no proteaction;no hospital; no elitricity| What right, if any might you expect to have ?| *to follow the rules.*to have right to make parties ect.| What might people who are stronger or smarter try to do? | *Try to kill you!!!!*And beat you up!!!!*Try to communicate and make electricity. | What might people who are weaker or less-skilled than others try to do? why?| *Not do anything because and hide the hide.*become friend with the strong ones.| What might life be like for everyone living in a state of nature? | *You will be killed because there are no protection*you will not have any freedom because other people will boss you around by other people.| What are some things people could do to projects lives,...
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