Account Verification Form

Topics: Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo III, Diablo II Pages: 3 (492 words) Published: May 25, 2014
Section A: Account Email Address
Enter the email address of the account. If this form is to request the transfer of a World of Warcraft or Diablo III game license to a different account, enter the email address of the destination account and the name of the World of Warcraft license on the following lines. Account Email: _______________________________________________________ Destination Account Email: _____________________________________________ World of Warcraft License: ______________________________________________________

Section B: Account Contact Information
Enter the new contact information for the account. First Name: ________________________________ Last Name: _________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________________________ City: ______________________________________ State/Province: ____________________________ Zip Code: ______________ Country: ______________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________ Email: ________________________________________ New Parental Control Email*: ____________________________________________________________ * Only needed when setting up parental controls.

Section C: Account Holder's Identification
Circle the type of attached government-issued photo identification: Driver's License

State ID

Military ID


Government Employee ID

For name change requests, circle the additional identification attached: Birth/Adoption Certificate

Death Certificate

Marriage License

Decree of Divorce

Name Change Certificate

Section D: Requested Services
Please circle the services needed: Account Recovery

Deactivate Authenticator

Password Reset

Secret Question Retrieval

Update Parental Control

Paid Character Transfer

Activate Parental Controls

Removal of Parental Controls...
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