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Technology Essay
Only once in a lifetime will a new invention come about to touch every aspect of our lives. An important technology integrated into our society and around theworld is the invention of the Battery. Among many inventions of our modernworld, the battery stands out as an amazing on going development with its effect on almost every portable electric powered device. An electrical battery is acombination of one or more electrochemical cells, used to convert storedchemical energy into electrical energy.The primary, and arguably most noble, intent of the battery is to assist inmankinds pursuit of practicality. Electricity had always fascinated human kindsince our ancestors first witness of lightning. In ancient Greece, Thales observedthat rubbing amber, for which the Greek word is electro, could generate anelectric charge. In 1938 a jar was found just outside of Baghdad, Iraq that may beor could be the first battery.Nowadays battery is used to power, advanced machine, electric appliances andmajority of electronics that are integrated to mankind. Having fulfilled its duty toprovide practicality for human to operate electronics, the battery could be titledas one of the most important inventions ever made. There are currently twotypes of battery, disposable batteries which are designed to be used once anddiscarded when they are worn out,and rechargeable battery which are designedto be recharged and reuse until their ability to store electrical energy decreasedrastically.Normally a battery such as the AA, C or D has two terminals, one is markedpositive and the other one is marked negative. In a battery, electrons collect onthe negative terminal of the battery. The electrons will flow from the negative tothe positive terminal as fast as they can. Normally, you connect some type of loadto the battery using a wire, without any load the battery will wear out veryquickly.This also tends to be dangerous, especially with large batteries.With the

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