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Environmental Impacts of the Battery

The creation of the battery was invented in 1859 by a man named Gaston Plante. Over the years as technology advances so do they batteries adding different materials like nickel, zinc, lead, graphite, carbon and toxic acids such as acid, magnesium dioxide, and hydrochloric acid making it one of the most helpful inventions known to mankind. Throughout our everyday lives a lot of things we use require a battery. The disposable battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy this is done by an anode the negative side, a cathode the positive side of the battery which are then placed in an electrical circuit making our television remotes, cordless phones, children’s toys, radios, cars and many more things function. Even though there are many different forms of batteries like AAA, AA, C or D they all have the same function. The battery has adapted into our lives as it makes our lives so much convenient and provides us the ability to make most of out of our electrical inventions using portable power. Since this product is in such high demands production companies keep producing and making money and we people keep consuming. But what happens to these batteries after their drained, we throw them out, and since not all of us recycle off to the landfill it goes. The problem that arises is consumers and producers fail to realize is how this product is damaging our environment because everyone is so caught up in the idea of making money and using modern day technology. Along with batteries come negative social impacts and how it leads us to the topic of global warming. Producing and consuming the rechargeable battery is in fact so detrimental to our world that toxic ingredients being used in this product are poisoning our water, polluting our air and contaminating our soil during the process of disposing and creating. Manufacturing batteries has been at an all-time high, “according to the City of Richland's Environmental...
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