BATNA case study on Southwest Airline

Topics: Negotiation, Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Dispute resolution Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: October 29, 2014
Batna for Soutwest Airlines and Muse/Transtar

Realistically negotiating from a less powerful position
1. Know your and their source of power.
2. A Good BATNA
3. Access and Mobilization of Resources
4. Collection of Information
5. Strategy Development
6. Power Tactics


1. Introduction - Know your and their source of power – Analyze By identifying yours and their sources of power. But in order to do this, you need to know what gives one negotiator more power than another. Where is the source of power from, focusing on BATNA and resources.

2. Knowing – exploring a Good BATNA
Also known as Best Alternative to reaching a Negotiated Agreement.. An example of a scenario of using BATNA would be, do you need to negotiate at all or do you have other options or alternatives available for you?

Question: If this deal cannot be reached, how can I still reach my aim?
The less you need to reach, the more powerful you are because you have a good BATNA, because you have other choices than completing the negotiation in question.
Example of scenario: When haggling over the price of an item, a vendor may be wiling to lower their price significantly because they know that the other vendors in the market all carry a similar item and roughly at a similar price. Very much the vendors interest is to strike a deal with you at that moment, while you are more than ready to walk away because you have numerous other chances to shop for the item.

Therefore leading to, your BATNA, consequently your negotiating power, is improved the less you need to complete the negotiation and the more you can create other options for reaching your aims. Flipside, the other party’s negotiating power decreases the more they need to make a deal with you because they have fewer options available to them.

3. Access & Mobilization of Resources
This would be the second source of negotiating power stems for the ability to access and mobilize resources. Having resources...
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