Batman vs the Joker

Topics: Supervillain, Joker, Superhero Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: April 20, 2011
4) If you kill one to save many you still deserve the title killer. However, many of us in the Batman fan club feel that the Joker no longer deserves to live. If Batman killed him he would be doing the world a justice. But after he eliminates the enemy do we suddenly have to start looking at him as the enemy also? Although he would have taken only one life compared to the many lives the Joker has taken it still would make him similar to the Joker in a way Batman does not want to be associated with. Mark D. White and Robert Arp said that many Americans oppose torture and defend their explanation by saying, “It is not who we are.” Yet, when the Army goes over seas during a war they kill a lot of people; some possibly innocent. We still see them as heroes when they return because we remain safe. The Joker put us in danger and even if the Batman killed him it would be to keep us safe. We see him as a hero. If the United States Army can kill and be heroes without being bad guys than so can Batman. Many soldiers come back with Post Traumatic Stress because of perhaps a guilty conscious. Ethically it should be hard to go against your morals and kill another human but, by killing those people overseas they are doing the right thing for their families. It would be even more against the soldiers morals to let their families die then to kill others protecting them. Batman has a moral responsibility to save the innocent people by killing the Joker; instead of, doing nothing and letting all those people die in order to prevent becoming his enemy. Batman says, “I do not want to become that which I hate.” The Joker wants to harm people and if the Batman just lets him go about doing that then isn’t he becoming his enemy in that aspect? Batman should actually kill the Joker to prevent himself from becoming the bad guy. He should be the hero, save the city, and sleep with a clear mind.
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