Batman vs. Dark Knight

Topics: Critical thinking, Gotham City, Batman Pages: 2 (365 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Batman vs. The Dark Knight Literary Analysis

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Compare and contrast the two different styles of directors in Batman and The Dark Knight

□ Include the use of the terms: author purpose, tone, and mood □ Choose two characters who appear in both films
□ Use events and dialogue from each movie as evidence
□ Use MLA format (Headers, Double spaced, 12 pt font, etc.) □ 1200 – 1600 words
□ Follow this order for your paragraphs:
o Introduction
▪ Hook – (Grab audience attention and set up the point of the essay) ▪ Transition – (Explain what your hook has to do with movies, your focus and the directors – Introduce the titles and directors’ names) ▪ Main ideas – (Base opinions of topic and movies – Lead into thesis) ▪ Thesis – (Main idea of the essay)

← In his movie, Burton creates a world where Commissioner Gordon is an overweight, inept man of the law, and so the audience feels that Batman is the sole hope for Gotham. In The Dark Knight, Nolan creates a Commissioner Gordon who makes a true contribution to stopping crime, which leaves the audience feeling there is hope beyond Batman in the city. o Body

▪ Topic Sentence / Transition – (Main idea of the paragraph, not plot) ▪ Lead – (Sets up what is going on during the time of the quote) ▪ Quote – (Evidence to back up thesis – Don’t use a hanging quote!) ▪ Tag – (Provide “Commentary” or analysis to explain how evidence helps prove and explain thesis – Here is where you explain WHY the director does what he does and HOW it helps prove your thesis) ▪ Lead

▪ Quote
▪ Tag
▪ Concluding thought (Add a final thought to wrap up the paragraph) o Conclusion
▪ New Hook
▪ Restatement of Thesis
▪ New ideas /...
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