batman essay

Topics: Batman Begins, Batman, Ra's al Ghul Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: September 16, 2014
Matthew Calhoun
Batman Begins!

Bruce Wayne a criminal at the time met a man (Ra’s al ghul).This man sent him on a jouney and taught him to overcome his fear (Bruce Wayne feared bats). When he was young, he fell into an old well and, he became surrounded by bats. Soon Bruce's father came to his aid, and told Bruce that the reason we fall, is to simply get back up. Although this comforted Bruce, the bats became literally his biggest fear. Bruce's father and mother were killed, when Bruce as a child, insisted that they leave a play that had bats in it; they were gunned down by a low-life thug, who panicked when things during the robbery got heated. Bruce, left with a guilty conscience that it was his fault that his parents were killed, turned to a life of crime and was eventually sent to jail. After meeting Ra’s al ghul he was trained to be a warrior. To Bruce, this was a chance to try and save Gotham from people like Falcone. When Bruce was to be tested by executing a prisoner of the League of Shadows (the organization that Bruce was trained by). He couldn’t do it, because if he did, he would be doing the same thing that he is punishing criminals for, so instead of falling to the dark, and twisted path, he flees the League of Shadows, leaving a destroyed “Dojo” behind him; a path set for the salvation of Gotham before him. Bruce decided to use a symbol, the bat to begin his campaign of justice. Bruce becomes the batman and took his justice to a corrupted Gotham, a place his father had set to save, was now in the hands of Bruce Whayne, the Batman. Batman brought the fear to people like Falcone and Dr.Crane and he saved many people from thugs that infected the city throughout. The Bat's idea of justice was to save people, and maybe reach a peace in his heart from a life wasted, sitting in the type of rot his father always wished to cure Gotham of. Henri Ducard tells Bruce that justice is balance: an eye-for-eye and tooth-for-tooth. As an...
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