Batman Begins

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Batman Begins

Have you ever experienced something that has changed you completely and you have no clue why? You're just sitting there wondering how your mind works and how this could have had such a crazy effect on you. My insane experience and favorite movie was Batman Begins in IMAX. A few reasons why Batman was such a breath taking film were; it explained everything about my child hood superhero, Batman was a superhero without supernatural powers, and his determination was powered by the best line I have ever heard.

To begin, I have always wondered why and how batman does what he does; fight crime, hang out in the bat cave, and most of all why he is batman. Bruce Wayne got the name Batman from how he lost what was dearest to him, his parents. As a little boy Bruce fell into a well on the Wayne estate property. There he interrupted a cave of bats that scared him pale in the face and delivered nightmares to him for years. At a young age the Wayne's were out one foggy night to see an opera including bats in a couple scenes and Bruce was horrified. Without question the Wayne's left out a side exit just the three of them. Waiting in the dark shadows of the gloomy night was a grimy man waiting with a gun to hold up the first person to set foot out of the high class theatre. That man ended up killing both Mr. and Mrs. Wayne leaving Bruce there to watch them die. Mad and blaming himself he went on with life but not the Wayne way, the Bruce way, on the streets. Learning how to steal and fend for himself got sent away to a camp where he gained the knowledge of how to fight. Long story short, made his way back to Gotham City to be known as Batman and rid the world of people like the one who killed his innocent parents.

Second, superhero movies have been around for ages and they all have powers beyond human comprehension. Superman was super strong and could fly, Spiderman got bit by a rare spider and took on its characteristics, and Underdog...
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