Batman and Superman

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Contrast Essay Outline
“Batman and Superman”

DC Comic’s top two characters, Batman and Superman, are two of America’s most beloved superheroes. Batman and Superman’s alter egos, their different abilities, and the way they fight crime are the main points of difference between these two juggernauts of the comic book world.

Batman and Superman use alter egos with very different lifestyles to hide their superhero identities. Batman is known as Bruce Wayne during the day. Bruce lives a life of luxury because his wealthy parents left behind a large fortune to their only child when they were murdered when Bruce was young. He is often depicted as a ladies’ man using his wealth to lure women in, but also as a philanthropist who donates money to his hometown of Gotham City. He has his own butler, Alfred, and also runs a high tech company called Wayne Enterprises. Bruce is barely seen out at night because he is at work being The Caped Crusader. By separating these two identities he manages to carry out his duty as Batman without being recognized by the public. This lifestyle is a stark contrast to that of Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent. Clark is just another citizen of Metropolis. He works as a reporter for the Daily Planet. Clark is often depicted in the comics as awkward and clumsy. Although the only thing distinguishing Clark Kent from Superman is a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and the absence of the famous red and blue costume, he still manages to maintain the secrecy of his superhero identity.

Most comics follow a theme of featuring the main hero as a person with abilities beyond that of an ordinary human. Superman definitely follows this model. He has the ability to fly and leap over buildings. He also has super strength, which allows him to lift cars, run through walls, and to be bulletproof. Superman also has incredible powers that come from his eyes. These powers include x-ray vision and the ability to emit...
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