Batman and Marxism

Topics: Marxism, Karl Marx, Means of production Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Joker and Batman Clip
The Marxism Theory is based on the thinking of Karl Marx. He strongly believed that those who control the means of production control society. In fact, Marx suggested that the means of production control the foundation of a civilization’s institutions and beliefs. The movie The Dark Knight is an accurate representation of this theory where many aspects are portrayed and experienced by characters in the movie. Two aspects are specifically present in this movie; Capitalism and Power. Capitalism is exhibited by the place where the movie takes place and the norms of the society. Power is portrayed through the constant power struggle between to key individuals; the Joker and the Batman. Power and Capitalism are aspects in which the movie The Dark Knight portrays and supports the Marxism Theory. Capitalism is a concept that is widely known to be part of the Marxist Theory. In this clip, and throughout the movie, the term itself is accurately represented throughout it. The movie takes place in Gotham City, a city that is modeled after New York or United States itself. It is a conventional capitalistic society where the means of production are privately owned by individuals to competitively produce goods and services for the public. This is reflected during the party, where only successful and high-class people were invited to attend. The guests are well groomed and well dressed and the atmosphere is professional yet sophisticated. The group attending the party can be classified as the bourgeoisie; individuals that own property and control the means of production. This assumption can be justified by the place where the party takes place. There are rows of champagne available for guests as well as sophisticated shrimp that the Joker eats while entering the party. In addition, the walls seem to be replaced by windows as well as a curtain of lights; signs that show the financial status of the host. On the other hand, The Joker and his followers can...
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