Batman Analysis

Topics: Batman, Two-Face, Joker Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: May 19, 2014
Batman Analysis

I felt The Dark Knight was the most effective in entertaining me as an audience because it showed the collective personalities of people around us in a way that can be easily understood. For example, in this movie the main characters expressed their inner personalities in a form of a shadow. The shadow is irrational, and is the hidden side of a persona, in which it can contradict the way an individual believes himself to be. For instance, Batman assumes he is not as insane as Joker because he does not follow the same morals as Joker. However, Batman is also similar to Joker because; he also wears a mask to hide his identity, and intimidates people so they will follow his rules. Similarly, how joker also hides his identity, to enforce his rules, and morals to a society. Specifically, Batman focuses on the genuine goodness of the whole society, whereas, Joker motivates individual self-interest and altruism. In addition, Harvey Dent’s transformation into Two-Face shows what happens when one becomes the victim of the shadow’s impulses. For example, he has two faces, in which one of his faces is his own persona, and the other is the shadow. Moreover, he is the combination of Batman, and Joker. Overall, The Dark Knight symbolized the internal struggle in which individuals experience with their darker side, which made it successful in entertaining an audience.

On the other hand, Batman 1989 was also similar to The Dark Knight in terms of Michael Keaton being the flip side of Joker. However, it did not convey the hidden personalities effectively to the audience. For example, in The Dark Knight Joker says, “You’re not one of them” to Batman implying that Batman is also similar to him. Batman 1989 lacked these parts, and it did not reach out to audience as The Dark Knight. On the other hand, Batman 1996 comically exaggerated Batman, and I felt it was very unrealistic. For example, it was more suited for younger kids because it was presented as a...
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