Topics: Batman, Joker, Catwoman Pages: 3 (917 words) Published: December 11, 2013
I. Batman and Joker represent each other’s opposite who help balance and define one another through their values and beliefs, abilities, and actions. II. Values and beliefs
a. Justice vs. Injustice
a.I. Roots
a.I.1. Tragic loss of parents lead to Batman
a.I.1.a. “It took the tragedy of losing your parents to buy you that life” – Hush (Dini 13) a.I.1.b. “i swear, by the spirits of my parents, to avenge their deaths by spending the rest of my life warring on all criminals” – Bruce Wayne (“Chill”) a.I.2. Tragic loss of (pregnant) wife leads to Joker

a.I.2.a. “But I can’t do anything tonight. Th-there’s no reason anymore…Jeannie’s dead” – Joker (Moore 23) b. Moral vs. Immoral
b.I. Batman cannot kill (Joker)
b.I.1. Afraid that he will not stop
b.I.1.a. “If I allow myself to go down to that place, I’ll never come back” – Batman (Red hood) b.I.2. Against his morals
b.I.2.a. “your role models. The beliefs they instilled in you. And think of how the joker could never understand that” – Gordon (Loeb) b.I.2.b. “you and I have seen more than our fair share of tragedies and thirsted for revenge. If batman wanted to be a killer, he could have started long ago” – Gordon (Loeb) b.II. Joker takes lives, assaults, to get results

b.II.1. Jason Todd
b.II.1.a. “You’re thinking about when I died. How there’s blood on your hand because you couldn’t get there in time to stop The Joker from killing me” – Jason Todd (Loeb) b.II.2. Barbara
b.II.2.a. “He Shot Barbara. Showed me ph-photographs…” – Gordon (Moore 35) b.II.3. Ms. Gordon
c. Chaos vs. Order
c.I. Joker is chaotic; he works towards chaos
c.II. Batman works to create order within Gotham
c.II.1. Rid Gotham of criminals
c.II.2. Incarcerate properly
c.II.2.a. “Because I’m doing this on by the book…and because I don’t want to” – Batman (Moore 43) d. Sanity vs. Insanity
d.I. Joker claims that Batman drives him insane
d.I.1. “I’ve been driven literally in.sane. trying to get him to loosen up” – Joker (Morrison) d.II....
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