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English 102

In Batman: Year One, Frank Miller introduces Gotham City as one of the most corrupt cities in the world. It is dominated by Greedy politicians whose only interests are money and power. Bruce Wayne, as a kid, was also affected by the growing injustice and dirty politicians which made him the man of today, Batman. This is explained in Batman: Hush, written by Jeph Loeb. Throughout Loeb’s book, Batman struggles with the memories that remind him of who he is and what he has gone through as Batman, which makes him cognizant of his human side. In Batman: The killing Joke, Alan Moore personifies human behavior, as a whole, strong rather than weak. The Joker thought that humans were weak in thinking that all people, among them James Gordon, would explode in violence at times of mercy and thought that the book did not work. Batman has always dealt with obstacles he’s encounter from early childhood with the lost of his parents on the same night. However, what makes Bruce Wayne the Batman of today is his mental, emotional, and identity struggles that Batman encounters, which create a hero who is just, follows his own rules, and his intellectual by finding solutions to all obstacles.

As Batman begins his fight against crime in Gotham City, he is uncertain about which of many, methods to use to begin his quest against crime. Miller writes, “He will become the greatest crime fighter the world has ever known… It won’t be easy” (Miller 1).

Frank Miller in Batman: Year One is introducing us the way how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. Bruce Wayne become Batman as a promise made to his parents, which were “murdered by a mugger when he was six years old” (Miller 65). After his parents were murdered, he commits his life to a goal, not only to save people but at the same time to save Gotham City, the city where he grew up. Bruce Wayne, to be successful and to achieve his goal as Batman, he needs to maintain his control of the situation. Even after...
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