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Topics: Education, Leadership, Charismatic authority Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Model of Transformational Leadership Bass (1985)
Expanded and refined version of work done by Burns and House. It included: More attention to follower’s rather than leaders’ needs
Suggested Transformational Leadership could apply to outcomes that were not positive Described transactional and transformational leadership as a continuum Extended House’s work by:
Giving more attention to emotional elements & origins of charisma Suggested charisma is necessary but not sufficient condition for Transformational Leadership

Based on Ki Hajar Dewantara’s Principle
His real name is Raden Mas Soewardi Soerjaningrat. He was born on May 2nd, 1889, in Yogyakarta. He got appreciation as “Bapak Pendidikan Indonesia” because of his ideas in the world of education. His opinions were modern although he lived in colonial times (difficult times). He always thought that everybody had the right to get an education. He was chosen also as Minister of Indonesian Education under President Soekarno’s administration. Ki Hajar Dewantara still tried to develop the educational system in Indonesia by his brilliant ideas. His principles were: Ing Ngarso Sung Tuladha (in front gives examples)

Ing Madyo Mangun Karso (in the middle builds up the spirit)
Tut Wuri Handayani (from behind supervises)
To this day, these wise principles are still a guiding principle and an orientation in the world of Indonesian education.


1. Ing Ngarso Sung Tuladha VS Idealized Influence Charisma
Idealized Influence Charisma means:
Describes leaders who act as strong role models for followers. Followers identify with leaders and emulate them. Leader’s have high standards of ethical and moral conduct. Followers deeply respect and trust leaders. Leaders provide a vision and sense of mission.

Ing Ngarso Sung Tuladha, meaning a teacher must be able to be an example for their students, both attitudes and patterns of thought. Children...
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