Topics: Viking, Viking Age, Norsemen Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: January 22, 2013
1. Who were the Vikings? ------The Vikings were also traders , explorers and settlers. They were highly advanced and not as primitive and barbaric as they are portrayed. 2. How did the Viking raid? ---------A Viking raid nearly always came as a total surprise. The Vikings were expert navigators and knew the coasts of Europe like the back of their hand. They decided on a target and planned the attack in advance. Having the fastest ships of the day they would arrive seemingly out of nowhere close to the target and storm ashore ready to attack. 3. List the countries/regions the Vikings had contact with.------The Vikings, mainly had contact with the Danes and the Norwegians, shot around the Northern Hemisphere, plundering vast swaths of territory with the rapacity of a Genghis Khan. The Norsemen raided throughout the British Isles and the Frankish empire, and even attacked North Africa. 4. What other reasons do you think the Vikings may have wanted to conquer? ----So they can settle down for once, instead of constantly traveling and raided as they have done for many centuries. Or perhaps, they wanted to make more of a name for themselves, and start something like a mini-empire. 5. Who were some of the people the Vikings traded with? ----Some of the people that the Vikings traded with would include, the Arabs, the Anglo-Saxon, the Byzantines, and England. 6. Was this “trade” always welcomed? ---No. They Vikings were notorious. Many didn’t want to associate with them, in fear of another one of their famous raids. 7. Describe the culture diffusion that existed in Viking Age? --It has been discovered that Viking graves often contain Arab silver, Byzantine silks, Frankish weapons, Rhenish glass, and other products of an extensive trade. Silver coins from the caliphate and Anglo-Saxon coins from Englandflowed into the Viking lands and further. This shows that the Vikings would have most likely implanted their philosophies/ideas on the countries that they traded with....
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