Baskin Robbins

Topics: High school, Higher education, Education Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: April 14, 2013
At 27 years old I find myself in a great dilemma; should I accept the fact that I have reached my full potential at a career I have worked long and hard at? Although I am content for now, I know that my sense of accomplishment will soon fade and I will regret not having improved myself for the future. This brings on the inevitable question, should I return to school? The answer is clear to me, I must return to school in order to become the person I want to be. An education is the single most important thing one can obtain in a lifetime. It can offer a whole spectrum of benefits throughout one's life, but the most important are that it creates opportunities for advancement in the workplace, influences others to become educated, and helps to develop a more informed community.

It is no secret that a more qualified candidate will receive better job options and advance quicker in the workplace. Education is the key to this advancement. For instance, while in high school my cousin worked for a retail store as a sales associate, once she graduated from high school and entered college she applied for the assistant manager position and was promoted, she then proceeded to "climb the corporate ladder" becoming a store manager in her junior year of college. At that point she decided she very interested in business and marketing. She changed majors and made every effort possible to attend corporate development conferences and leadership workshops. Upon graduating with her bachelor’s degree she applied for a job as a regional marketing director, and she was promoted yet again. In just five short years she worked her way from and entry level retail job to a management position that oversees stores in four states; and has more than quadrupled her income. All of this can be attributed to her gaining the education needed to perform higher level jobs. Although the benefits of gaining an education are clear, there will still be many who do not make the choice to become educated....
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