Basketball vs Volleyball

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Basketball vs. Volleyball
Two friends playing different sports argue which sport out of basketball and volleyball is better. Basketball and volleyball are very popular and well known sports that are important icons for entertainment purposes. Both sports were originated during the similar time period between 1891 and 1895. Although basketball and volleyball are excellent pastimes and seem like they have much in common they differ in how the players are positioned in the game, the scoring system, and the length of the game. Firstly, the positions and the number of players differ in the two sports. Basketball consists of five players on court. The positions are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center.  The point guard is the leader of offense who uses passing and dribbling skills to set up teammates for open shots. The shooting guard has the ability to steal the ball from the opposing players. The small forwards’ job is to attack the defense by driving and cutting towards the basket. The power forward gets the rebounds, especially on defense.  Most of the points from this player come from short-distance.  Lastly, the center position is usually the tallest player; and their job is to block the opposite team’s shots, and catch their rebounds and shoot. On the other hand, volleyball has six players on court. The six players on court contribute a lot to the team. The main positions are the setter, two power hitters, two middle hitters, and a weak hitter. The setter makes the decision of who gets the pass; this player touches the ball on the second contact and passes it to most effective player. The two power hitters and middle hitters have a similar task while on court; they read the setter’s passes and based on that, they make their move accordingly. Although both positions have a similar task on court, they differ because the middle hitters role is more significant; the middle hitter is better on defence because of their skills for...
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