Basketball: Visual Perception and Eye

Topics: Visual perception, Binocular vision, Free throw Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Does crossed hand-eye dominance affect free throw shooting in basketball? The purpose of this experiment is to learn about crossed hand eye dominance and help increase free throw percentage in basketball. Some further investigations could include testing if crossed hand-eye dominance effected hand-eye coordination, if air pressure will affect the dynamics of ball bouncing, or if people that are left-dominant or right-dominant affect any certain thing. First, the eye dominance test was conducted, which determines the dominant eye. From that it is determined if the subject was crossed hand eye dominant, or uncrossed hand eye dominant.

Does crossed hand-eye dominance affect free throw shooting in basketball? Hand-eye dominance and how it affects basketball shooting are the focus of what is expected to learn about. The idea of having a dominant hand (being left-handed or0 right-handed) is familiar to everyone. What may not be so familiar is the concept of a dominant eye. Most people are accustomed to using both eyes together, and don't think much about situations where it might matter if one eye is dominant over the other. When shooting free throws in basketball, players often hold the ball up at face-level when preparing for the shot. In this position, the ball can easily block (at least partially) the eye on the same side of the body as the shooting hand. For shooters with uncrossed hand and eye dominances, this would mean that the dominant eye was partially blocked. For shooters with crossed hand and eye dominances, this would mean that the non-dominant eye was partially blocked. Clearly, basketball players must use their vision to locate the target and judge distance and line before skills take over to send the ball on its way. Hand and eye dominance must work together to help ones score baskets. Crossed hand eye dominance alone will not help ones score, but with other factors involved, it might help one score a basket.

If one is crossed hand-eye dominant,...
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