Basketball Diaries

Topics: Form of the Good, The Lockers, Kansas City, Kansas Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Coach always says that offense sells tickets but, defense always wins games. I always wondered what she meant by that until we played our 1st game and, I experienced what it would feel like if we would not have played any defense. They grabbed offensive board after offensive board and never once did we box out. The other team looked like all-stars playing against us but never once did we all stop to think about what our coach told us until halftime. We all went in the locker room and contemplated on what coach said about offense selling tickets and defense winning games. Coach then walked in and we all said we were ready coach there is nothing you have to say, and we all started working harder on defense and there we were on top! 72-61! Kansas City Kansas Lady Blue Devils!

There are so many things going on in the world today. One main thing being sickness, divorce, money issues, and college loans. But with all of that being said I still would define myself as an optimistic person mainly because I usually always see the good in every situation. When something has me down it must be something significantly important to me that would make me take that much effort out of my day to focus on. Other than that I am usually one of the most positive, good hearted people you know. Which I will not say that I do not like my alone time because it gives me time to cope with myself as well as my thoughts. I am a people oriented person and I love making people happy because I like my happiness as well and what better way can you get that than through people. Life to me is about making it interesting as well as creating memories that you can carry down to your kids. Stories that can be told to your younger spouse whether it be a sister, a brother, a cousin, a niece and or nephew or even a child of your own. These stories should have such significant effects on your younger spouse that they create pictures in their heads of you not only as whomever you maybe but, as a hero....
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