Basketball and Andy Car

Topics: Basketball, United States bankruptcy law, Bankruptcy in the United States Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: October 6, 2013
Chapter 1 : Hit the Showers! Hit the Streets!:
The Hazelwood High School Basketball Team won their basketball game on November 7th. Andy, Robert, B.J., and Tyrone went on a long drive after the game on Andy car. B.J. was the shortest of them all and also was not on the basketball team because of short ness. Robert had long feet and was the captain of the basketball team. Keisha was Andy girlfriend. Rhonda was Tyrone girlfriend. Chapter 2: Oh No! It just can’t be! :

Rhonda called Keisha that her mom friend called about a accident and that a near-by hospital had some players from Hazelwood high school come in. Rhonda called Keisha back and said there was a crash and the car exploded and at least one of the boys was killed maybe more. Keisha went to hospital and found out it was Robert who died in the accident. Chaper 3: Memories Of Fire:

Police Officer Casey asked Tyrone Mills what happened on the night of car accident. He said the game ended around 9:30pm, and they won so they went to celebrate. Gerald was going to go with them but he had to go home. B.J. don’t play on the basketball team because he too short. B.J., Robert, Andy, and Tyrone were hanging out since 7th grade. So they got in Andy car and start driving around, fooling around, and etc. They were drinking except B.J. After a while, the car started to sway. Then all of a sudden the wall was in front of them. Andy tried finding brakes. Glass everywhere and Tyrone door opened and everyone except Robert got out. They can smell gas and they heard Robert shouting. The door was closed tight and his feet made it harder to get it open. Then, Andy and B.J. tried to help but a explosion happened and Robert died in fire. Chapter 4: “Dear Lord” :

In this chapter, B.J. said a prayer about what happened on November 7th. Chapter 5: “My Most Frightening Moment”:
In this chapter, Rhonda wrote a English Homework Essay about how last week she learned that kids her own age could die and that when she learned...
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